Feb 212013

DVF [through Glass] – YouTube.

Google has launched its #ifihadglass explorers project. Prospective developers can submit a 50 word application indicating what they would do if they had Glass. The video above shows how Diane Von Furstenburg worked Glass into her New York Fashion Week show this past Fall.

There is a financial aspect of the competition that will exclude many: $1500 for the glasses, plus the travel expenses to attend a “pick up event” in New York, Los Angeles, or San Francisco. This of course encapsulates a lot of the issues that will surround the technology when it is available for general release. The price point is well above that of higher end tablets and smart phones (the ubiquity of the latter is largely due to subsidies from cell phone carriers).

In short, I’d love to see what some of our Fashioning Circuits students could do if they had Glass, but given the expense, I think we’ll have to wait a while. $1500 plus travel expenses would buy a lot of arduinos and peripherals!

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