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  4 Responses to “Phone Story”

  1. I have had to play Phone Game for another class, and while it was very jarring to play, it also opened my eyes to some of the harmful work that goes into making items that are seemingly enjoyable. It is true that we have the knowledge to work the item (like your television example) but we also remain ignorant to the work that goes into making the item. This ignorance could come from possible indifference, lack of knowledge, or even avoiding knowing the truth so that we don’t feel guilty. But I think it’s important we open our eyes to these harmful working conditions so that we can make corrections while still enjoying the things we love.

    • Hi Alexandra,
      Your response to the conversation proposed by Amy is well written. It is interesting that you added a glance into your personal experience playing the game, and speculated about the reasons why users of technology avoid knowing about its hidden infrastructures. However, your response does not elaborate further beyond a general agreement with the views of Amy. For future occasions, use this opportunity to comment on other readings for the week, find other examples or stimulate the conversation by asking new questions.

  2. The greater context in how things are produced is amazing to think about as our world becomes increasingly driven by technology. Considering these contexts with maker culture provides an interesting example of how the access to technology may supply greater social change. As Chachra mentions in Beyond Making maker spaces grant disadvantaged groups access to technology. Perhaps with access to this knowledge interactions with things such as Phone Story or other forms of technology can be better understood in a larger context. In that regard, considering the context of how products are created and having a greater understanding of these technologies in practice helps to formulate the foundation for larger social change.

  3. Hi Amy,
    Here are some comments regarding your work:

    Your blog post offers a very interesting reflection on the hidden infrastructural characteristics of a phone, as labor and extraction of materials to make the technology possible.Your blog post is well structured and is enjoyable to read. The tone you have used demonstrates academic engagement, while also making your voice clear. The example you have chosen is relevant to the discussion and illustrates the concepts you are developing, however, it is not made accessible in the blogpost. You could incorporate the example as screenshots or videos, in order to clarify your arguments, without directing your audience to a separate website.

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