Jan 222020

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  3 Responses to “He’s Working Hard — She’s Hardly Working?”

  1. The idea that as a culture we associate work and workers, and as a result, products and productivity with men more than women is a particularly troubling one. A search for “service workers” is more diverse, but of course service/food service jobs are not considered traditional forms of making because the work is less reproducible and undervalued.
    I find it interesting that you mention the bodies of the men and how the physique built from this type of work is idealized and sexualized. The sexy construction worker I think is a very interesting concept because it is hyper-masculine while also degrading in its sexual performance. It’s a strange contradiction that I think is an interesting tell about high/upper-middle class interest in a sort of blue collar voyeurism/fetishization. Typically, the man who would purchase the construction worker costume, or the person hiring the male stripper, wouldn’t be the same people to do this type of work. However, they recognize the value in it and seek to exploit it. The same can we said about post/mail man fantasies, and for women French maid costumes(housekeepers), nurse costumes(caretakers).

    • Hi Alana,
      Your response to Safwan’s blog is very thought-provoking. You developed further the insights brought up by Safwan and explained other variations and examples. The connection you have made not only to gender but also to class is an interesting lens that I hope you continue exploring in this course. After your analysis, you can incorporate questions that motivate the audience to continue the discussion, rather than finishing your contribution with a series of observations.

  2. Hi Safwan,
    Your blog post is very insightful, especially in the way you connect an idea from Sayer’s reading to the connotations of masculinity in depictions of labor. Your use of language is formal, while maintaining authenticity of your own tone. You have made good connections with media artifacts and visually incorporated them well in the text.

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