Jan 282020

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  2 Responses to “Making It Up As We Go Along”

  1. The attention paid in your writing to Sayers’s description of empathetic creativity is very interesting. Being empathetic is paramount in creating interdisciplinary, collaborative art, specifically, in my opinion, within my chosen field of theatre. Being empathetic is a major step in vulnerability, which is similarly crucial in collaboration. I think your description of your work with your mother is extremely touching — it sounds like your work together allowed you to become not only more empathetic with each other but also more vulnerable to the possibilities of your work. For many, children’s toys like LEGOs are just that: children’s toys, distractions for a growing mind. But with the community that collaborative creation brought the two of you, the medium took on a completely different message than the aforementioned distraction.

    I hope you and your mother continued to create together as you got older and perhaps cast away your LEGOs for the trappings of adolescence. If not, I’m glad you have this memory to cherish.

  2. Hi Tuesday
    Your contribution is very interesting, especially in the use of your personal experience as part of your thinking process. Next time, remember to include a media artifact or some sort of visual that your audience can relate to. In your case, some quick research into parenthood relationships around making would have been interesting. Regarding citations: Sayers is not the author of the reading, please check the specific authors when we work with chapters of the book, as well as the page numbers, which you can extract from the PDF. Next time include a section with the works cited at the end of the blogpost.

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