Jan 282020

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  3 Responses to “Exposing Brutality”

  1. WITNESS seems like a great app/company created for positive influence! I hadn’t heard of it, but I appreciate the concept and think it can be a great tool for bystanders to use in order to help one another. Although, I would have to ask more questions before using it myself. How does the video function differ from just taking a video on the normal camera app? Most pictures/videos are dated already. Furthermore, what happens to the footage once it is taken? It would be beneficial is there was someone, perhaps the local police, who could immediately receive the footage with all of the time and date-stamped information in order to take quick action if necessary. Moreover, does the app tell its user things to look for when determining if something is potentially violent? Looks can be deceiving, although it is better to be safe than sorry especially concerning others.

  2. On the surface, WITNESS looks to be a great way to combat crimes such as police brutality, gender-based violence, and war crimes, just to name a few. The app they have seems to be a great tool to use to record on the video of these crimes and to file geographically where they are taking place so that something can be done in those areas. However, on their website, they say that the tool to blur the victim`s and other people`s faces is already incorporated on Youtube. The question I have then is that why then post the video on WITNESS`s app when a person can do it on Youtube. Most of the essential information is already on the video, whether the original or the one on Youtube. The website itself also does not state what happens with the video, is there a person that immediately sees it and contacts officers, activists, or civil rights lawyers? There is also the elephant in the room, what else does WITNESS do with a person`s data?

  3. Hi Madison,
    You have done a good job connecting the reading to another example of similar practices. The emphasis on who has access and power to document events and how new technologies have increased access for people to do so is interesting. The example you have chosen is in line with your arguments. WITNESS materializes some of the ideas in the reading and also the conversation in class. I hope you take a look at the comments of your peers and think further on the implications of using this app and who benefits the most from it. Also, remember to add the Alt text to your images!

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