Feb 162020

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  2 Responses to “Making Culture and Technology”

  1. A lot of people fear that technology will take over and obliterate historical making culture like the textiles mentioned in the interview with Fuentes. However, I think you make a good point that technology can be used to help expand making culture. Through technology, these textiles can be featured and sold to people all over the world. And also, South Asia can show people the correct perception of their culture through technology. I think technology can help keep making culture alive.

  2. Hi D.A.
    Your blogpost is very interesting, as it is dealing with core concepts of making and culture. I see you have reflected on these ideas and you have written about them in tandem, avoiding separations.
    I see the value of including material from two readings, however, for the blog post exercise, engaging with one of the readings is enough, as it can allow you to develop your ideas deeper. Including a second reading has more value if you connect the concepts among them rather than presenting them as two separate sources.
    Remember to use images that serve to understand your point and reference them in the text, in other words, you can introduce them to the reader so we can understand why you have specifically chosen them.
    Finally, remember to include citations at the end of the blog post, and check that you are referencing the names of the authors correctly (it is Murray and Hand, instead of “Murry”).

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