Feb 162020

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  One Response to “Textiles and the Domestic Sphere”

  1. Hi Tiffany,
    The concept of textiles and domestic spaces in your blog post is a great area to explore. You have provided two examples where authors make reference to this and you are clearly focused on understanding one overarching concept.
    However, your blog post is mostly a description of the readings, and it is lacking further analysis or your point of view. Next time, you can depart from the main ideas of the reading to find other examples or media expressions. Also, you can include only one reading and explore your arguments deeper, than trying to join two separate works.
    Make sure you proofread your text before posting to avoid grammatical mistakes, and add paragraphs for making the reading easier.
    For future blogposts, explain the use of your images and don’t forget to add their ALT text.

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