Feb 182020

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  3 Responses to “Critical Making and Lack of continuity in media.”

  1. I really like the example you have given as it shows yet another instance in which people behind large industries set America apart from the rest of the world. Not just “Western” culture in itself as a world of its own, but America set apart from other Western and Eastern cultures (as the magazine above display the Europe issue in line with other cultures in the ‘global south’, but set apart from the U.S.).

    While some might argue that different countries care about different things, so why standardize something like a magazine published world-wide? This is a case of one country ‘other-ing’ everywhere and everyone else, making a statement that it doesn’t really care (or its people don’t really care) about other countries besides its own (unless the other country’s issues and/or progress somehow affects them).

    It would be interesting to see if the same October issue of Time published in Canada and Central and South America follow the American convention, or the ‘rest of the world’ convention.

    • This is a great contribution, as it helps to clarify the use of the magazine in the original post, and also opens up new questions for the readers. It is also very well written.

  2. Hi Hrithik,
    Your blog post is interesting as it elaborates from one of the readings and uses the examples of media and magazines to support your points. The example is good and you explain why are you using it, but it would be useful if you introduce it more specifically and give it a context, before jumping into generalizing about other magazines and other representations of culture.

    Next time make sure to proofread your post before posting, in order to avoid grammatical mistakes, also add the ALT text to your images.

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