Feb 182020

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  5 Responses to “Maker Culture in the Global South”

  1. You cite a lot of information from the articles but what conclusions do they inform? Your post seems to end unceremoniously citing a portion about an Indian video game but ending at the quote. Without follow up this falls flat, after presenting info talk about what this tells you or connect it to a larger idea. Good post overall, but framing the information better would help it to go to the next level.

    (Also you should make your name clearer, it was difficult to find you, and even now I’m going off the assumption that “Geldert” is your last name and its the same as the “Nick G” in the blogging document.)

    • Hi Kollin,
      Your comments regarding the blog post are pertinent and I hope are helpful for others in writing blog posts. While I think your contribution is important, you should keep in mind that this is a space for advancing ideas and commenting on the concepts of the course. Next time, in addition to commenting on form and editing (if needed), you can also build upon some concepts from the blog post, provide further examples or ask new questions.

  2. I thought it was particularly interesting that jugaad was defined as “hack.” I was not familiar with the term “jugaad” before reading this article, but from what I understood, it’s a different kind of “hacking” than the way that we typically understand the term in the Global North. Whereas hacking here entails, as mentioned, a sort of element of danger or destruction of some kind, jugaad implies a sort of fix. Similar in some regards, but different in ethos or intent.

    • Hi Emily,
      Nice to see you are learning new concepts in the course. Your contribution here adds new dimensions to the discussion, by making us aware of the distinct meanings of hacking and fixing. I hope you keep asking such questions in the course!

  3. Hi Nic,
    Your blog post highlights main contributions from the readings this week, and we can get a sense of the arguments of the authors.
    Next time, you can incorporate your opinion about this topic, as well as other examples where you can see these concepts being applied. For instance, finding a game or other expressions of Jugaad. I like the image you used, and in future blog posts you can refer to it and explain why have you specifically chosen that. Remember to include citations at the end of the post.
    These are some recommendations that I hope help you in shaping future contributions!

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