Feb 182020

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  3 Responses to “Cultural Making and its Contextual Considerations”

  1. The example of the Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museums is such a good way to show how survivors are telling their story. Just like you mentioned they had personal items and their memories to share the events they went through rather than the museum itself telling their narrative of what happened. I agree with you that survivors or anyone trying to preserve their culture or memory should be telling their stories whether that be by making something or through words.

  2. Alana,

    Like Sara stated, the Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museums were great examples. These both highlight the survivors and the traumas as well as the stories they experienced. It is difficult when making in cultures when context is not provided to truly showcase the work. As you stated with Fuentes’ clothing, others follow and make similar pieces with no meaning. By having the history attached it preserves the story and gives meaning to what is being produced. Therefor when holding up the original item and a replica, knowing the effort and story behind the original, would lead people towards the original rather than the replica. By being able to have museums showcase the history of culture, it helps to preserve what we know as well as teach others. Just because we have new and easier technologies to do things nowadays does not mean the culture of how it came to be should be forgotten.

  3. Hello Alana, Sara and Ali,
    It’s great to read all your thoughtful contributions. I can see your efforts in understanding the connotations or the politics of writing history, and questioning who holds power over the story.
    I also sense a general agreement about the notion of cultural preservation and want to encourage you to find points of tension or new questions that can drive the conversation into different directions.

    – Alana, next time don’t forget to include the ALT text for your images.

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