Feb 292020

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  3 Responses to “Feminist Hackerspaces, Consciousness Raising, & Mz* Baltazar’s Laboratory”

  1. In considering the Mz* Baltazar Lab and consciousness-raising groups, the idea of the “tech fix” is a prominent issue. The continued subjection and oppression within hacking and making spaces is extraordinarily upsetting especially with the context of the creation of consciousness groups. As might be expected, technology has not solved any issues that existed for ages only created a need for different solutions. As you stated hopefully these spaces provide awareness of these issues and space for action against them. It’s hopeful to think that feminist maker spaces will help facilitate real change and continue to educate womxn on tech and other important issues social or otherwise.

  2. I think it is so important for everyone to have a safe space not only when it comes to making/hacking but also in every other aspect of their life. As a woman, I can recognize the importance of consciousness-raising groups and women/trans making spaces. There have been several occurrences in my life where I’ve been the only girl or one of the only girls in the room. It can often be intimidating to speak up and share my ideas whether it be fear of rejection or humiliation. The spaces are crucial because the people using them can be free to express brilliant ideas and creations that otherwise would have been muffled.

  3. Hi Amy, D.A. and Alex,
    Great to read your reflections on Feminist Maker Spaces. Interesting to see how each one of you has found a different angle to look at the discussion. I also encourage you to ask critical questions about these projects, for example, to ask who are “safe spaces” for? what makes them safe after all?, or whose vision of Feminism are they putting forward? You can use the blog to debate ideas, beyond agreeing with broad statements.
    Keep doing this good work!

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