Apr 072020

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  One Response to “The Importance of Radical Textile Work”

  1. Hi Tiffany,
    I really appreciate the connections you have drawn between the Arpilleras and the quilt, and moreover, your comments on how your ideas about specific mediums have shifted through the readings and analysis.
    I also think your reflection in terms of how do we get to know about these works is very relevant. I am not sure the answer is that these works should gain more popularity, understood as reaching larger circles, but rather what are the distribution channels that work better for these pieces to communicate their meaning? What are the intended audiences? Which audiences would represent rather censorship, and not an actual critical analysis?
    At the same time, looking at works made in the past and that carry a specific historical relevance, I feel it is also important to see who is writing about them and with what purposes.
    Well, I felt like replying to your prompt about popularity. Otherwise, I feel your blogpost is very strong and leaves the way open for readers to contribute to it.

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