Apr 102012
Ladies Undewear Options on MeUndies.com

Ladies Undewear Options on MeUndies.com

Remember when lingerie shopping involved actually browsing a bricks-and-morter boutique and blushing under the judgemental gaze of snooty sales clerks? Well it seems that the lingerie boutique may be about to face the same tragic fate as the dinosaur. That is if the new underwear-on-demand company Me Undies  has anything to say about it.

Me Undies has turned the traditional lingerie business model on its lacy head by forgoing the traditional boutique, and even the traditional retail outlet, and offering customers two very unique ways to shop for undies. The first is a sort of “skivvy of the month” subscription service wherby customers, both male and female, can have a curated selection of undies delivered straight to their door on a monthly autoship. Customers set up an account on meundies.com and input their unique underwear preferences by completing an online questionnaire. Their preferences are then saved for them in their own unique online underwear “drawer.” The signup process kind of reminds me of a social network except that it’s for…well…an underwear subscription.

The second, and I think most fascinating, method of skivvy acquisition that MeUndies proposes, however, is the the company’s national network of…wait for it…underwear vending machines! That’s right, you can now purchase your unmentionables out of a vending machine. The company has plans to place their underwear vending machines in hotels, fitness centers and airports nationwide, so that their customers can purchase the underwear of their choosing, at literally any hour, while enjoying greatly discounted prices – no salesperson required.  You know, for all of those unexpected underwear emergencies we all find ourselves in. Touting their product as  “the world’s most comfortable underwear,” the company’s founders say that they aim for Me Undies to be a true e-commerce retailer and minimize it’s cost structure by operating online and via vending machine. Those savings, reportedly about 30% less than comparable designer undergarments, are then passed on to the consumer.

The retail lingerie sector has been long overdue for some innovation, and I certainly think Me Undies has a very unique business model. However, I don’t know that I’m quite ready to queue up to purchase my unmentionables out of an airport vending machine. What do you think? Could this perhaps be the start of a new trend in automated underwear? For some reason I’m hearing The Jetson’s theme song in my head right now.




  3 Responses to “Skivvies On Demand: The Automation Of…Underwear?”

  1. Snooki from “jersey shore” could have used this during the taping of her last season!! lol

  2. I can see the vending machines being helpful when you’re on vacation or at the gym and forgot an extra pair of underwear. Maybe if you like them and you’re not traveling any time soon, you might want to sign up for the online subscription. The website does look fun and sexy, and I am VERY glad to see that they will issue a refund if the underwear doesn’t work out, but you don’t have to return it (used underwear, gross!) I think that this can difinitely be a successful business model, but I’m not sure it’s the wave of the future.

    On the other hand, the shoe industry has had something like this for years. The Rollable flats machines in nightclubs are huge in Europe, and are making their way to the United States. Kim Kardashian’s ShoeDazzle website seems to be a similar profile/subscription concept, but with shoes and accessories. And let’s be honest, it’s a lot harder to find the right pair of shoes than a pair of underwear that works.

    It will be interesting to see if this concept catches on for the underwear industry, and if so, which industry is next?

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