May 022012

Not really fashion – but playing off Tameeka’s earlier entry about the underwear vending machine – I thought this was also pretty creative and definitely attention grabbing (even if it is old news and just now hitting the social media sites).

I’d like to teach the world to sing …in perfect harmony.  Remember these lyrics?  The official title is “I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke” but either way – this tune definitely has had a LONG lasting connection with the public. The commercial has consistently been voted as one of the best of all time!

The US release in July 1971of the hit immediately had an impact with its listeners and viewers.  Coke and its bottlers received more than a 100,000 letters about the commercials.  From the listeners – they called radio stations pleading for them to play it.

Well, they are at it again. As part of Coca Cola’s regional initiative; “Open Happiness” campaign, they have machines dispenses free cans in exchange for hugs.  It’s the latest ploy for social media and it looks like Coke has hit it big again.  Check out these links:

What is coke trying to accomplish?  Coke wants to form and strengthen the “bond” between customers and the brand.

Everything the customer experiences and observes merges in their minds into a single image, a brand.  It creates an emotional bond between Coke and the customer.  A strong brand builds confidence, improves loyalty and makes Coke stand out from the others.

What does one feel when hugged and why do we hug?  As humans we view a hug as a form of nonverbal communication that hopefully makes you happy and is some sort of bond sharing.  Hugs have also been known as a way of releasing tension.  A hug is pretty much known around the world as a form of physical intimacy (not necessarily sexual intimacy).

So – we now witness Coke machines dispensing free coke and vending machines available with underwear – what’s next?

If you are in the US dont run out looking for the HUG machine….unfortunately you will not get to experience the “bond” between yourself and Coke.  See this video – this will be you!

WHO doesn’t like hugs -life’s simple pleasure?  Brilliant campaign!

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