Apr 192012

Want to know what the hottest color in street style fashion is in Paris? Milan? Antwerp? Then Color Forecast is the site for you! Created by European clothing retailer Pimkie, the new fashion orientated website features live streams of trendy streets in Paris, Milan, and Antwerp aimed at the idea that a person will want to know what color is trending that day.

Each of the three square screens in the middle of the webpage simultaneously move and interact with each other. The screen on the left is the live stream of a street in Paris, Milan, or Antwerp. The middle screen traces the color of the moving object’s (pedestrian’s) trajectory in the first screen against a black background. The third screen is a graph that calculates that information and displays a corresponding color scheme.

Image Courtesy of Color Forecast

The trending color report leads to a page that allows viewers to shop for clothing of the most viewed color on Pimkie’s site. Each day the featured color in each city is archived on the site. The website will soon be available as an iPhone app.

While watching the live stream in Antwerp, a couple dressed in neutral colors stopped and greeted a woman in a red puffy jacket. The red color sketched across the center screen mimicked the woman’s path in the first screen as she walked over to the couple. A color graph in the third screen featured red as the trending color. Continue reading »