Mar 132014

One of my greatest desire is to combine my love of fashion and eco consciousness to help provide awareness and even solutions to maintain our planet. One of my obstacles, I have experienced and witnessed are the price tags on some of the wonderful “green” products that are in the market, today. Continue reading »

May 072012

When you think of the world of fashion – what comes to mind?  Glamorous? Exciting?  Very possible those words are just a couple that are used to describe the fashion industry; but have you stopped to think about the impact to the environment?  I would bet money that the same words would not be in the vocabulary of what I am about to  illustrate about the textile industry and the environment. Continue reading »

Dec 152011

Technology and fashion are evoloving and intersecting in multiple fascinating and unexpected ways. From clothing that moves to garments that offer healing properties for the skin, techno fashion applications are literally turning the contemporary fashion aesthetic on it’s well dressed head.  Below I have compiled a few examples of recent developments in the techno fashion space. From the exceedingly cool to the just plain weird, the innovations detailed below explore designers and developements on the very cutting edge of the genre. Continue reading »