Apr 262012

Window shopping is a phrase that usually implies looking at a display of mannequins wearing trendy garments and accessories, such as designer sunglasses and handbags. The visual displays are designed to lure customers by suggesting that they too can look fashionable in the same products. Thanks to Bloomingdale’s new virtual window displays, customers really can see themselves wearing designer sunglasses. Continue reading »

Apr 102012
Ladies Undewear Options on MeUndies.com

Figure 1. Ladies Undewear Options on MeUndies.com

Remember when lingerie shopping involved actually browsing a bricks-and-morter boutique and blushing under the judgemental gaze of snooty sales clerks? Well it seems that the lingerie boutique may be about to face the same tragic fate as the dinosaur. That is if the new underwear-on-demand company Me Undies  has anything to say about it. Continue reading »

Apr 062012

Remember when you would watch a music video, lust after the clothes you’d seen, and then scour the internet searching for similar threads? Gone are those days! Ssense, an online clothing retailer, has styled the “World’s First Interactive Shoppable Music Video.” Continue reading »

Mar 122012

M Saraswathy’s brief BusinessWorld article (Tech Couture: Fashion keeps a date with augmented reality) outlines some recent uses of AR in advertising, including uses at Lakme Fashion Week. The article ends with a tempered approach suggesting that so far, advertisers have not been able to tell if AR translates into more sales. Continue reading »

Feb 142012

A lovely young woman sits with her purse in her lap and her phone in her hands. She coyly smiles, looks around, and yawns as she waits in a department store. If a stranger begins to pester her, she ignores him. This scenario is fairly ordinary. However, this is no ordinary young woman: this is an android mannequin responding to curious shoppers from the inside of a window display. Continue reading »

Dec 152011

Figure 1. H&M Computer Generated Models

Retailer H&M has received some decidedly negative scrutiny recently for using computer generated models on their website. As reported on mashable.com the retailer came under fire for superimposing real models heads onto computer generated bodies to showcase a range of collections on it’s retail site. To the unsuspecting viewer nothing is amiss, however if one looks closely it becomes evident that all of the models have perfectly identical body types.  Keyword being: “perfect.” The retailer has incurred the ire of many who view the casting of virtual models as setting an unrealistic standard for women to live up to. Continue reading »

Dec 102011

Figure 1. [missing]

As more business ventures establish themselves in cyberspace, a proliferation of online fashion clearing houses are gaining momentum in world of e-commerce. Traditional retail websites like eBay and Amazon exist as places for come-one, come-all retailing and reselling. These new ‘Flash Fashion’ sites are more geared toward the design conscious consumer who wants quality goods hand picked to reduce time spent shopping around at drastically reduced prices. These sites provide a consistent retail experience for luxury goods shoppers looking for a steal. Continue reading »