Dec 062011

Figure 1. Pia Myrvold’s hypermix dress

With the debut of the new Burberry Bespoke site, it seems the international brand Burberry is taking a queue from fashion designer Pia Myrvold. One of our resources for the semester, Techno Fashion by Bradley Quinn, discusses the designer and the challenges she faces as the fashion Press finds difficulty accepting the admittedly original clothing. In an environment where magazines are losing sales, Myrvold’s collection, which can be interactively designed by the consumer online, is challenging traditional ideas around “art, architecture, philosophy and music.” (p. 78) Continue reading »

Nov 112011

Figure 1. Bradley Quinn’s Techno Fashion

As fashion designers begin using technology to inspire and shape their work, we can see the important impact cyber culture has on our bodies, fashion and the built environment within which we function. Bradley Quinn’s Techno Fashion explores a number of fashion designers whose work is impacted by technology both conceptually and aesthetically. It is this evolution of fashion that has the potential to “shape and rearrange the patterns of human association and community.” (p. 13) The interaction taking place between urban environments and the fashioned human prompts fascinating inquiry as technology begins to seep its way into each. To better understand this evolution, it is crucial to understand the qualities of the built environment, the body, techno fashion/cyber couture, and the issues that arise from their interaction and integration.

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Oct 282011

Figure 1. Miniskirt boxer; Image captured from BBC Sports, url:

The following article details recent developments in the world of women’s boxing. The sport has recently scored a major coup in that Women’s Boxing will be featured for the first time in the 2012 Summer Olympics. This milestone is significantly diminished, however, in that if the Amateur International Boxing Association has it’s way these fearless Olympians will be competing in…skirts.  Citing that the skirt uniform will “make the women easier to distinguish from the men” the association is pushing for the sartorial revision over the vocal and numerous objections of many competing in the sport. Continue reading »

Oct 222011

These past few weeks, while surfing the web, I found a couple of interesting things regarding the objetification of women. The first one was this video, called Killing Us Softly. Yes, it’s old, it dates back from 1999, but even 10 years later these statements are valid. The speaker talks a lot about fashion ads, and about many of the topics we have argued about in this class. My favorite part is when she compares the ads with women to a Calvin Klein ad where a man’s body is objectified (Around min. 11:00). Clearly in the video the main difference between both is that the ads that objectify women tend to crush our self-esteem in order to convince us to buy the product, while the one the objectifies the male body simply don’t. Continue reading »

Sep 242011

As a result of this project, I have been thinking a lot about fashion magazines, including men’s magazines. So when someone on Facebook shared this video, it immediately caught my eye. It is a post about Ken Jeong photobombing Kate Upton. Before I’ve even had my morning coffee, I find myself contemplating raced and aged bodies, the artificiality of photoshoots, and all sorts of other things. Continue reading »