Mar 192013

Street fashion–that is, fashion of the everyday stylized young adult–has seemed to carve its own place in the fashion world very recently. There are plenty of factors that play into its expansion over the decades: the rapid fire emergence of the Internet as media and a means of expression, the accessibility of more expensive, quality end fashion lines and houses, and even the recognition and adoption of “underground” fashion styles by designers (see: the Harajuku trend.) Continue reading »

Mar 192013

With the evolution of 3-d printing, functional fashion is due a radical awakening.  I’m not talking about structural creations with which some of the well established fashion houses have begun to experiment.  Within the next decade we should see the capability to print human tissue using a patient’s own stem cells, and eventually biomedical engineers will be able to grow replacement organs and limbs.  For now, 3-d printing is finding a niche in artistic prosthetics. Continue reading »

Mar 192013

One of the many things that makes Tumblr a very notable space is the way the microblogging site fosters communities. Through the use of tags and reblogs, communities are built usually upon a similar mindset, manifesting themselves into very secluded and secure spaces for users. Through this, subversion of cultural paradigms can be nurtured on such an open format as the Internet. Continue reading »

May 122012

Several of the women associated with the Fashioning Circuits blog recently took their skills to the Design Your World Conference to teach young girls aged 10-12 how science can be fun. Specifically, with the coordination and leadership of Amy Pickup, we conducted a workshop about the LilyPad Arduino. Continue reading »

May 082012

Figure 1. Jessica Alba – Left Original, Right Retouched; photo Courtesy Campari

In the midst of the extreme Photoshopping, CGI, and robot models, there has been a quiet rebellion that has recently gotten louder.  The inevitable backlash against the fake perfection afforded by available technology has also found its home on the web, and one of the biggest up and coming advocates is 14-year-old, Julia Bluhm. Continue reading »

Apr 192012

Want to know what the hottest color in street style fashion is in Paris? Milan? Antwerp? Then Color Forecast is the site for you! Created by European clothing retailer Pimkie, the new fashion orientated website features live streams of trendy streets in Paris, Milan, and Antwerp aimed at the idea that a person will want to know what color is trending that day. Continue reading »

Mar 302012

Renowned British designer Stella McCartney recently revealed her Adidas designs for the Great Britain team’s uniforms. The prominent graphic on the bodice is McCartney’s unique take on the iconic Union Jack: “I thought it would be great if the design could make everyone feel like one team. I started with the Union flag, which I love—but it’s been so overused…So I isolated parts of the design and used it as a graphic.” McCartney also opted to use the color red, which is featured so dominantly on the flag, only sparingly. Continue reading »

Dec 162011

Figure 1. [missing]

Kanye West has been in the news for his taste in women, his political accusations, and his always ill timed tantrums. But the self proclaimed “Louis Vuitton Don” has also built a reputation for himself in the fashion industry as someone with that rare talent that can make what only appears to be an effortless transition from exclusive high fashion to (what some would consider) its antithesis, street wear.  Recently, I saw Kanye West, along with Jay Z, in concert and Kanye made what may have been his boldest fashion decision yet. He wore a skirt. Continue reading »