Oct 222013

The necessity for passwords to access your accounts, all the way up to accessing your phone, has slowly been increasing.  With each new device you have or new account you make you have to remember a new password.  However, some people like to use the same password on everything, which is very insecure.  A development team at Bionym Inc. is developing a wristband that will act as a password for all your devices.


Figure 1. Anatomy of a Nymi

The Nymi lets you use your unique heartbeat to authenticate your identity.  The Nymi allows you to wirelessly access devices such as your computer, smartphone, and car.  When you clasp the Nymi around your wrist, it powers on. By placing a finger on the topside sensor while your wrist is in contact with the bottom sensor, you complete an electrical circuit. After you feel a vibration and see the LEDs illuminate, your Nymi knows that you are you and your devices will too. You will stay authenticated until your Nymi is taken off.  The Nymi also has motion sensors so you can add hand gestures to further authorize access to devices.  If you have the technology, the Nymi can open things like your house door or car door with a simple movement of your hand.

The Nymi is a slim wristband that fits to your wrist.  It will come in three colors white, black and orange.  I think that with such a sleek design people would be willing to wear it.  It is not some bulky watch that will be very noticeable.  The only reason people wouldn’t be willing to wear the Nymi is because they think it will be a very unsecure device that will fall easily to hackers and thieves.

The Nymi is still being developed.  They are willing to take on more people to help them add more possibilities with their product.  With it having the ability to detect your heartbeat, sense movements in your hand, and communicate via Bluetooth, it can be used for a multitude of tasks. 


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