Mar 102014

Recently named the ‘best wearable tech’  at SXSW, the Skully Helmet Skully AR-1 allows the user to have a rear-facing, 180° view without needing to take their eyes off the road as the view is projected onto a transparent display in the visor. Also equipped is “an advanced situational awareness system, showing navigation and blind spot data” based on a series of microcomputers and sensors. Although still in beta testing, the helmet also offers turn by turn navigation, smartphone communication, as well as internet connectivity all at the control of your voice.

Figure 1. The Skully Helmet Skully AR-1

Up until now, ‘the helmet’ has played a small, albeit crucial, role in many different applications. With this major update in head safety, there is a whole new level of possibilities to be explored.  There is already talk of app development and updates post release. With all of the great features that are soon to be available to anyone using a helmet, there is also a speculative word of caution that goes hand in hand. It seems as though all of the distractions that drivers of cars have, the radio, phones, etc, have now all been neatly packaged into the helmet so motorcyclist can be distracted just as conveniently.

The safety upgrade that the Skully Helmet Skully AR-1 provides is a milestone for helmets that is long overdue. Let’s all hope that users are responsible about the use and application.

For more information on the Skully Helmet Skully AR-1 visit the Skully Helmets website.

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