Mar 302020

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  3 Responses to “Will the Quarantine Create a New AIDs Quilt ?”

  1. In the past few weeks, I have seen the encouragement of starting a new craft or hobby on social media as we all try our best to stay home as much as possible. I personally have tried to get into embroidery recently, to not only keep my hands busy but to also relieve stress. I also came across an article by a Fox 4 News (DFW) on Friday, April 3, 2020, discussing that a few select Hobby Lobby (Craft Store) locations decided to remain open amid Dallas County’s shelter in place order.

    Dallas County Judge, Clay Jenkins stated, “I just want to make it clear to Hobby Lobby and anyone foolish enough to follow in their footsteps. In Dallas County, 99.9 % of the business community puts public health over profits. And in Dallas County, our law enforcement officers will ensure you abide by the control orders,”.

    Even though Hobby Lobby may not have been considered an essential business, how much did people really benefit from it staying open? How many teachers actually needed to buy supplies and resources from Hobby Lobby when they made the transition to virtual learning? Perhaps people who depend on crafting to calm their nerves might need access to more appropriate materials?

    I don’t agree with Hobby Lobby remaining open. Although Amazon is currently choosing not to fulfill and deliver certain orders during this time, maybe people can order materials online rather than leaving their homes to go shopping? I think the idea of people communicating and connecting with people online and through the use of Facebook Groups is a great idea during this time of uncertainty. Although we are still ordered to stay home, it’s still important to keep our bodies and brains active and remember to check up on friends and family.


    Battah, Hanna. “Dallas County Orders Hobby Lobby to Close Its Local Stores.” FOX 4 News Dallas-Fort Worth, FOX 4 News Dallas-Fort Worth, 3 Apr. 2020,

  2. As the situation changes daily, more and more medical workers need masks and other protective gear to protect themselves from the virus. Because of this, people with the resources to make them are and are inviting other people to do so not only by social media sites like Facebook, but also by more traditional communication technology, the television and more specifically, the news. Just by reporters covering the makers of the masks like the NBC 5 report on Dida Finch would cause other people with the skills and resources to start communicating with her and others to help out. While we can question what are the intentions of people and groups making the mask, their intentions at the moment seem to be in the right place.

    Gavino, Yona. “Argyle Woman, Neighbors Sew Over 2,000 Masks for Frontline Workers Battling COVID-19.” NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth, NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth, 4 Apr. 2020,

  3. Hi all,
    These are great reflections in regard to the masks and the COVID-19. I appreciate that each one of you is bringing different aspects of the situation. I also see that there is an opportunity here for us to analyze how these masks are circulated, who is actually benefiting from them (and by this, I not only mean the people in hospitals, but also businesses who take advantage of this moment). As Haley mentioned, knitting in this moment could be seen as a reflection of someone’s privileges, so how do privileges work in this case, and how are they evident in spaces like the Facebook groups or the news?

    Madison, I really enjoyed your reflections on the news article and the thoughts about how businesses operate at this time. I also feel there is space for reflecting here about the nature of having materials available in times of crisis. As we saw many times in the course, the materials used for maker projects often have a connotation, which can be social or political. I wonder why getting new materials is needed for making the masks, and how could this be a moment to improvise with materials that are not new?

    These are some of the questions that I evolved from your thoughts and I hope keep you thinking about these issues in the future.

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