Mar 312020

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  3 Responses to “Expression Through Making”

  1. The AIDS blanket first introduced me to making as expression as well. At first, I had little interest in sewing, knitting, etc. I was one of the people that assumed it was for old ladies and homebodies. I thought this up until learning about these activists making meaning out of their creations, such as the AIDS blanket. I think these creations make a longer lasting impact in the long run compared to simply protesting or resorting to violence.

    • Hi Alex,
      It’s great to know you have learned new aspects of sewing and knitting, and that you have challenged your preconceptions about these media. I invite you to respond to blogposts by extending the arguments of your peers of pointing out other examples.
      In regards to your last comment about protesting or resorting to violence, I invite you to consider these as tactics that may function in other contexts, rather than dismissing them as having a “shorter” impact.

  2. Hi D.A
    Nice to see how you have shifted perspectives in regards to quilting or sewing.
    You did a great job of introducing the AIDS quilt for an audience that may not know about it. However, it would have been interesting to hear the “why” of your arguments. For example, you mention “the display itself has been extremely influential socially and politically”. As a reader that is not familiar with the quilt, this may not be clear. You also use the sentence “Political expression” several times, but it is not clear how the quilt in your example denotes a political expression. These are thoughts you can consider when introducing a project or example to an audience that may not have all the background needed to understand the significance of the project.
    Otherwise, I think you leave a good number of open questions for the readers to continue the conversation.

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