Apr 022020

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  2 Responses to “Embodying Art Supplies”

  1. I agree with you about the importance of materials. More people should consider where their artistic resources come from and the impact their production could have on the world around them. I think as makers we can get caught up in the intended meaning behind what we are making, but not take into consideration the meaning the medium has for itself. Just like those quilted blocks, a message can gather so much more strength by using the message of the materials as well.

  2. Hi Erin and Alex,
    Good reflections here about the origin of materials for making, as a way of defocusing our attention from “finalized objects” to the meaning of all its constitutive parts.
    Erin, the only question I had after reading your post is in regards to your title. It is not clear why you use the verb “embodying”. It would be interesting to know if this something you are expanding from the reading, or proposing as your way of interpreting the context.

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