Feb 272012

You may have thought everyone was there to celebrate films over the last year, but in all honesty – the stories that people will be buzzing about for days after is what everyone was wearing and who made which list – the best dressed or the worst dressed.

Stylists and designers generally wait until the Oscars before bringing out the best in their collections. This year, it was pale shades from cream to nude which proved to be the most popular along with shimmering aspects of all kinds.

Fashion houses are already rushing to produce ready- to- wear inspired by “the most glamorous night of the year” by the time the dresses even make their way to the after parties.

It wasn’t only the fashion being discussed; Sunday’s Oscar ceremony produced 3.8 million comments on Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites, according to data generated by Cambridge, Mass.-based Bluefin Labs. With those numbers, it made this year’s awards show the second most talked-about entertainment event on TV since the company began measuring traffic on social media sites.  Comments on such sites surrounding Sunday’s ceremony and red carpet arrivals surged nearly 300% over last year.  Literally, within seconds every minor detail of the Oscars broadcast was scrutinized and joked about.

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