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  • OrCam Visual System

    By: Ashleigh Havens In September 2013, Israeli start-up company OrCam released the OrCam visual system to help the 300-million visually impaired people in the world “see.” OrCam is a portable device that is similar to Google Glass, composed of a camera and a small computer about the size of the typical glasses case that uses […]

  • Taking Charge of Your Own Healthcare – Wearable Technology & Health Apps of Today & Tomorrow

    By Suzanna Brooks The greatest improvements in medicine in the last few decades have been made possible by advances in technology. Today new personal and mobile technologies are just beginning to allow us to take charge of our own health and medicine. Smartphone apps compile data and provide solutions, and wearable technology such as fitness […]

  • The Simpsons Go High Tech

    You know you’ve hit the big time when the television show The Simpsons is covering your product.  This past week the Simpsons did a spoof on Google Glass. One of the funniest lines is when Homer takes off his glasses and screams, “oh, reality!”  Now, on a serious note Marge, the mother in the show, […]

  • Wearable Media as a Human Right?

    This past week Steve Mann from the MIT Technology Review wrote an article titled Wearable Technology as a Human Right. I took umbrage with the article. Mann is well known in the Wearable Media arena because he founded MIT’s wearable computer project more than 20 years ago.

  • What exactly is wearable media and who wears it?

    http://www.theguardian.com/media-network/media-network-blog/2013/sep/13/rise-wearable-technology-infographic#zoomed-picture This hypertext nugget is trying to school you who have no idea about wearable media, present company included.  So I thought I would help break down the graphic for you.

  • Wearable media. Will you wear it?

    2012 and 2013 has been an interesting time period for the development of technology into fashion, specifically with the development of Google Glass. Although, outside of the sporting good market where else have we seen advances in technological fashion to your mass markets? At a whopping expected price point of $1,500 who exactly does Google […]