Feb 232014
Samsung Watch Second Generation

Figure 1. Samsung Watch Second Generation

There’s a rumor out there that Apple is coming out with a watch, but Samsung has already beat Apple to the punch.  Samsung has released two updated versions of its Gear smartwatch featuring slimmer designs and heart rate sensors beating Apple to the release of a health-tracking smartwatch.  This is a major competitor to a possible iWatch and Nike’s (with iPhone assistant) Fuelband, This watch uses fitness tracking software and has the ability to play music using Bluetooth headphones without cables or cords to connect with your smartphone.

May 082013

2012 and 2013 has been an interesting time period for the development of technology into fashion, specifically with the development of Google Glass. Although, outside of the sporting good market where else have we seen advances in technological fashion to your mass markets? At a whopping expected price point of $1,500 who exactly does Google think they are marketing to? Continue reading »