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  • Words Matter 3.0

    Words Matter 3.0

    We are excited to debut Words Matter 3.0 at the 2023 meeting of HASTAC, the Humanities, Arts, Sciences, Technology Alliance and Collaboratory. The HASTAC 2023 conference is themed “Critical Making and Social Justice.” The installation will include wall text for the grouping of projects, but you can find more details about individual words and projects…

  • Quarantined Journal of Objects. Week 1.

    Quarantined Journal of Objects. Week 1.

    The Fashioning Circuits lab team is still meeting virtually during our plague semester. We have decided to engage in one word weekly prompts inspired by Cecilia Vicuña’s Journal of Objects. Participants quick create an object from materials they source from their homes. Given the glitchy distancing, we are all experiencing some members of the group…