Happy 10th Birthday, Fashioning Circuits

In Fall 2011, Kim Knight and a group of graduate students began meeting to explore the connections between fashion, media, and technology. Through the combination of rigorous intellectual inquiry, commitment to making practices, and investment in community education, Fashioning Circuits was born. Much has changed over the years, but these principles remain.

We wanted to have a big, year-long celebration, but found that the care for ourselves in the midst of this ongoing pandemic was prohibitive to an undertaking of that scale. So we’ll celebrate in small moments, here and there, over an extended period of time. Because at this point, what is time anyway?

For Spring 2022, we are offering a series of maker workshops over the course of semester in celebration of the communal learning, Doing-It-With-Others (DIWO) spirit that animates so much of what we do. You are invited to join us online, or in ATC 1.801b for some hands on learning. Register your interest at: https://utdallas.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_0GKaY7AJBMM3UDI

Workshops are Fridays, 12pm – 1pm US Central Time. Topics include:

  • Making a Loom Using the Glowforge Jan 28 – Feb 18
  • Making Soumak-woven Coasters using a Loom Feb 25 – Mar 25
  • Making a 3-d Printed Bird’s Nest using a 3-D Printer April 1 – April 15
  • Making Achievement Badges Using a Button Maker April 29

If you attend in-person, we highly encourage you to wear a mask. We’ll also be running a HEPA air filter system.



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