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  • Placemats


    Placemats is a collaborative weaving project to produce data visualizations. Using the HASTAC blog and social media, we will collect submissions of keywords in advance of the conference that signify points of connection, shared experiences, or commonalities during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. These keywords form the foundation (by labeling the warp strands) of each woven…

  • 10,003 Stitches: A Critical Making Quilt

    10,003 Stitches: A Critical Making Quilt

    By: Carlin Flores, Spring 2019 In the Spring semester of 2019, my Critical Making course with Dr. Kim Knight drove me to tackle the project I’d avoided for years: a full-size quilt. Marriam Webster defines a quilt as: “a bed coverlet of two layers of cloth filled with padding (such as down or batting) held…

  • Musical Quilts

    Musical Quilts

    By Elizabeth Fuchs, Spring 2019 When I first began conceptualizing this project, I struggled with the question of is this idea in fact critical making? Matt Ratto positions critical making at the intersection of critical thought and physical making with more emphasis towards the process rather than the final object (Ratto pars. 9-11) and yet…

  • Holding Hands Project

    Holding Hands Project

    By: Cameron Irby, 10 May 2019 A phrase that I’ve only recently encountered yet hear quite often around Fashioning Circuits is that sometimes we must fall back into the theory. I’m still new to the practices of critical making, so the phrase has mostly struck me as a backup plan. If one’s project doesn’t work…

  • Star Lady – Guardians of the Galaxy Jacket

    Guardians of the Galaxy: A thrilling tale of adventure, thievery, danger, romance, and incredible heroism in the face of great evil. The original Marvel comic book characters—dating as far back as 1969—have been changed several times over the years. New stories and new timelines have followed the first tales. But one thing has remained the…

  • Pleased to Announce: Book about Fashioning Circuits Under Contract

    I’m pleased to announce that I’ve just signed an advance contract for the book Fashioning Makers and Counterpublics: Critical Making and Public Humanities with University of Iowa Press for the Humanities and Public Life series. Below is the blurb I wrote about the book for my website: