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  • Handwashing Karaoke – Now Playing

    Handwashing Karaoke – Now Playing

    In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month,* Audra Heaslip curated a list of songs in Spanish, English, and Nahuatl from a variety of countries and regions, musical genres both traditional and modern, indigenous music, and a diversity of genders, sexual orientations, ethnicities, and nationalities.”

  • Musical Quilts

    Musical Quilts

    By Elizabeth Fuchs, Spring 2019 When I first began conceptualizing this project, I struggled with the question of is this idea in fact critical making? Matt Ratto positions critical making at the intersection of critical thought and physical making with more emphasis towards the process rather than the final object (Ratto pars. 9-11) and yet…

  • (Re)constructing Disability and Cripping the Critical

    (Re)constructing Disability and Cripping the Critical

    By: David Adelman, May 8, 2019 From my current vantage point, the end of the Fall 2018 semester at ATEC feels inexorably distant. This is the point at which I first encountered ATCM 6388: Critical Making as a course offering, the point at which I first began to contend with what it would mean to…