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  • Hunger Health Bar

  • The Ambiguity of Metamorphosis

    The Metamorphosis line from Younghui Kim is a clothing line that detects alcohol levels in its wearers. A female dress responds to the wearer’s level of alcohol consumption through the use of colorful lights and expanding sleeves, while a male’s blazer responds by an expanding collar that slides out to cover the wearer’s face.

  • Date Rape Nail Polish

    Post by: Nilufer Arsala

  • Solutionism and Wearable Technology

    Academic Malcom Barnard begins his article “Etymologies and Definitions of Fashion and Clothing” with the definition of etymology, and then goes on to take a look at the various meanings of the word fashion. Through this scrutiny, Barnard offers value to the reader that other academics would, perhaps, miss. As wearable technology occupies a greater…

  • OrCam Visual System

    By: Ashleigh Havens In September 2013, Israeli start-up company OrCam released the OrCam visual system to help the 300-million visually impaired people in the world “see.” OrCam is a portable device that is similar to Google Glass, composed of a camera and a small computer about the size of the typical glasses case that uses…

  • Hexoskin

    By: Thomas Hall A better-performing you? “It’s as easy as putting on a shirt!”

  • The Dash

    By: Jordan Massey

  • Never Forget Your Phone Again!

    The idea behind my final wearable project is solve to a problem that I face almost everyday: forgetting something important at home. I often find myself in the checkout line at the store without my wallet or getting lost on the road without my phone. If you’re a forgetful person like me, this may be…