Mar 152022

Welcome to Fashioning Circuits, a public Humanities project.

Photo "electronic led light dress at the museum of science and industry in chicago" by Flickr user David Hilowitz

Photo “electronic led light dress at the museum of science and industry in chicago” by Flickr user David Hilowitz

Fashioning Circuits was launched in September 2011 as part of a series of independent studies in the graduate program in Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication (formerly Emerging Media and Communication, or EMAC) at the University of Texas, Dallas.

The project began as an investigation into wearable media and technology. Wearables, and the shifts that arise from joining computing to the body, remain an important part of the work in the project. But our scope has expanded as we have done the work of exploring these questions and tracing these entanglements over the years. Fashioning Circuits is now a place where we also engage with the rich histories and practices of computational craft, domestic technologies, soft activism, and so forth. These practices, often hyper-feminized and located within homes or community collectives, are an important and often unacknowledged pre-history of what is today referred to as “maker culture.” We both study and engage in these practices in our scholarship, creative practice, and community partnerships

We are inspired by the possibilities of:

  • Learning new techniques
  • Recovering histories
  • Working in collaboration in an inclusive space
  • Developing strategies of expression that engage with broader cultural contexts

In Fashioning Circuits “fashion” functions not just as a noun to describe cultural trends, but also as a verb, “to fashion,” to indicate the experiential and problem based learning strategies of the project as well as the potential for a diverse range of students to fashion new histories and to fashion themselves as members of the publics and counterpublics of the future.

If you are interested in these possibilities and the connection between media or technology and embroidery, sewing, knitting, crocheting, felting, haberdashery, quilting, scrapbooking, cooking, and other craft or domestic technologies, contact us. If you would like to work with us on planning a community event, please email  If you would like to volunteer your time at one of our community events, please join our Facebook planning group at

Aside from the blog archive, the editorial team is also active on Twitter and Instagram. Follow our accounts @fashioncircuits (Twitter) and @fashioningcircuits (Instagram). And search both sites for the hashtag #fashioningcircuits to see all of the interesting resources we are finding and sharing.

Undergraduate Research Awards

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Apr 132022

On Tuesday, April 12 Talia Devanadero, a member of Fashioning Circuits and the co-lead of the technical team for The Migrant Steps Project, presented a research poster as part of the Undergraduate Research Scholar Awards Poster Contest Symposium.

Talia Devanadero poses in front of her research poster on April 12, 2022.

Talia is a second year undergraduate Computer Science major and has been a Fashioning Circuits member since Fall 2020. Her poster, “Encoding Steps, Decoding Stories: Mobilizing Technology in Service of Migrant Narratives” addressed the work she has been doing in collaboration with Atanur Andic and Nishanshi Shukla with the support of a UT Dallas Proposal Resubmission Program grant. They have been helping us respond to grant reviewer feedback about the feasibility of data extraction from, and communication with, fitness trackers.

Congratulations, Talia! We so appreciate your contributions to The Migrant Steps Project and we’re thrilled that the University of Texas at Dallas recognized your work as an Undergraduate Research Scholar.

Encoding Steps, Decoding Stories: A Migrant Steps Workshop

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Mar 142022

April 22, 2022

8:30am – 5:00pm

We are inviting members of the UTD and DFW community to think with us about the politics of migration narratives and how we connect to those narratives. In this one-day workshop, we will introduce The Migrant Steps Project and work collaboratively through a series of activities designed to address the ethical, technical, and logistical aspects of the project. Our goal is to bring together those with interests in Latinx studies, border studies, media studies, wearable technology, interface design, data visceralization, and digital humanities tied to social issues.

To participate, please fill out a brief application by April 19, 2022 at You will be notified if your registration is accepted no later than April 11, 2022.

Encoding Steps, Decoding Stories is supported by a UT Dallas Workshop grant from the Office of Research and Innovation.

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Handwashing Karaoke – Now Playing

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Feb 102022
Handwashing Karaoke in groovy 1970s font. The title of the project is accompanied by black and white icons of a microphone and soapy hands under a faucet

At UT Dallas, international students make up 4% of our undergraduate population and 40% of our graduate students! The overall student population is 14% international students. Each year, in the month of April, UT Dallas hosts International Week, known colloquially as iWeek, to “showcase international culture through food, music, performance art and much more.” To extend the celebration of iWeek, the Handwashing Karaoke machine is now playing a list of party and karaoke songs by in languages other than English, curated by Atanur Andic and Mohammed Mizanur Rashid:

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Handwashing Karaoke Machine

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Feb 102022
A small karaoke machine, made of light colored wood.

Back in late February 2020, news about COVID-19 was steadily increasing. Much of the public health messaging at the time focused on hygiene practices and social distancing. Public figures in medical and media professions proliferated the idea that one could time one’s handwashing by singing Happy Birthday twice to know when 20-seconds had passed.

This recommendation prompted various memes in which different selections of songs were suggested instead of Happy Birthday. One of my personal favorites was from Twitter user @djkevincole, who spread the word to all the Goths that 20 seconds is about 4 “hey now nows,” in reference to the song “This Corrosion” by Sisters of Mercy.

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Happy 10th Birthday, Fashioning Circuits

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Feb 012022

In Fall 2011, Kim Knight and a group of graduate students began meeting to explore the connections between fashion, media, and technology. Through the combination of rigorous intellectual inquiry, commitment to making practices, and investment in community education, Fashioning Circuits was born. Much has changed over the years, but these principles remain.

We wanted to have a big, year-long celebration, but found that the care for ourselves in the midst of this ongoing pandemic was prohibitive to an undertaking of that scale. So we’ll celebrate in small moments, here and there, over an extended period of time. Because at this point, what is time anyway?

For Spring 2022, we are offering a series of maker workshops over the course of semester in celebration of the communal learning, Doing-It-With-Others (DIWO) spirit that animates so much of what we do. You are invited to join us online, or in ATC 1.801b for some hands on learning. Register your interest at:

Workshops are Fridays, 12pm – 1pm US Central Time. Topics include:

  • Making a Loom Using the Glowforge Jan 28 – Feb 18
  • Making Soumak-woven Coasters using a Loom Feb 25 – Mar 25
  • Making a 3-d Printed Bird’s Nest using a 3-D Printer April 1 – April 15
  • Making Achievement Badges Using a Button Maker April 29

If you attend in-person, we highly encourage you to wear a mask. We’ll also be running a HEPA air filter system.

Quarantined Journal of Objects. Week 1.

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Apr 122020
a microcontroller and wires bridge two pieces of a broken clay plate

The Fashioning Circuits lab team is still meeting virtually during our plague semester. We have decided to engage in one word weekly prompts inspired by Cecilia Vicuña’s Journal of Objects. Participants quick create an object from materials they source from their homes. Given the glitchy distancing, we are all experiencing some members of the group heard “communicate” some members heard “create” for the prompt.

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Community Workshop: Make Your Future

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Mar 102020
a large group of women and girls of a variety of races sit on bleachers, smiling for the camera

On March 7, 2020, five days before the University announced a move to online instruction due to the COVID-19 public health emergency, we hosted a group of middle school students as part of a workshop in collaboration with UTD’s Science and Engineering Education Center (SEEC) and Girl Scouting in the School Day.

We had been in conversation with the SEEC about possible collaborations when they suggested that we partner on the Girl Scouting in the School Day event they had coming up. Girl Scouting in the School Day is a leadership development program run by Girl Scouts of North Texas that specifically works with middle school students at underserved schools right in the middle of their school day, making the Girl Scout experience available to a wider range of young people. For this event, they wanted to bring as many as 100 students to the university to showcase it as a creative and fun space, full of diverse people just like themselves. Their hope was that this would demystify the university a bit and allow the students to imagine themselves a future that includes college. Sounded like just our thing!

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HASTAC Words Matter 2019 Installation

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Aug 122019

Words Matter 2019 is a collaborative installation comprised of several component projects that each foregrounds a specific word or set of words in order to explore the many ways that words themselves matter in our social worlds. Words Matter 2019 was exhibited at the HASTAC (Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Alliance and Collaboratory) conference hosted by the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada in May 2019.

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