Feb 262013

With Apple developing a technology to help owners find their lost iPhones and iPads that comes on the newest versions of their operating system, it seems only natural that the fashion industry would catch hold of this novel idea for lost clothing items. During New York Fashion Week for Fall 2013 an up and coming American designer Asher Levine, 24, went outside the box with his accessories. Asher Levine is the designer for the eponymous progressive menswear label, Asher Levine.

Levine embed chips into important clothing items that are most commonly lost like your jacket or your gloves, with this chip inside the clothing your iPhone can track the piece of clothing. Not only is it useful if you misplace one of your gloves but it is also useful is someone runs off with your jacket. This is new incorporation of technology into clothing is like lowjack for your favorite accessories. The software was developed by Phone Halo

In return your tech-smart clothing pieces by Leving can locate your lost iPhone as well. If you misplace your iPhone you can use the clothing item to activate a ring tone on your phone to help locate it. It is essentially like the button you pushed to find your cordless phone back in the early 2000’s to locate your phone underneath all of the piles of clothes.

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