Mar 182013

If you’re anything like me, Argentinian industrial designer Soledad Martin will become your personal lifesaver.

It’s 2013, and we still run into the way-too-common scenario of publicly discovering that we are now the owners of an almost dead cellphone battery. Whether it’s your fault or not, the truth is operating with a useless cellphone is impossible and annoying, especially when it’s something that could’ve been prevented! Martin actually addresses this problem (and several more!) by creating a renewable energy battery, fit for the new green movement. The battery actually works with your body’s natural kinetic energy — as you dance, walk or otherwise move, the battery harvests your kinetic energy and turns it into actual electricity that can charge a small battery.

The battery works by taking the kinetic energy and transforming it into electrons that the nanogenerator can use, then the nanogenerator sends the energy to the battery. The charger to your electronic of choice with a USB battery and resides in the top of the shoe for easy detachment and access. Now anything from skating, to walking the dog, to dancing can keep your cellphone, MP3, etc fully charged!

My only concern is the actual style of the shoe: while economically functionally and aesthetically pleasing to MY eye, it may not be the stuff of fashion for everyone else. I already know the color scheme might be a bit of a stickler for those who like to switch things up. I’d personally love to see how the charger could work with different shoe types and still remain simple and bulky. How would one work on a pair of heels, or some wedges or oxfords? Does schmoozing at an uptown event generate the same amount of power as breakdancing or skating? Concerns aside, the concept and execution of this idea is still pretty solid, and a wonderful example of the intersection of fashion and circuits!

  One Response to “Kinetic Charges: Where Fashion and Movement Meet”

  1. Interesting to abstract this a bit and think about the “power” dynamics of footwear. What would the energy differential be between a “high powered” executive and those who work around him or her?

    In terms of the fashion, it seems like it shouldn’t be too difficult to attach the battery to any kind of footwear. So I wonder who is manufacturing the shoes as they are pictured?

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