Feb 232014

I own three dogs and I’m a busy graduate student with a full time job.  I’m not sure my dogs get the exercise they need.  If you’ve followed my blogs you know I have an addiction to the Nike Fuelband.  I won’t say I’ve been using it lately, but I love the idea of gamification of fitness.  Well, guess what?  For those of us who go more than ten miles out of our way to buy the best food for our pets there is a wearable fitness tracker designed for them too.

According the CNBC’s Cadie Thomson fitness will be big business in the pet market, which is expected to reach $62 billion this year.

This new tracker, made especially for dogs, is designed by a New York based startup company called FitBark.  The company describes their product as a “device that attaches to a collar and collects data on the dog’s activity levels throughout the day. The data syncs to the FitBark application, so owners can check in whenever they want.”

This new tracking device will gauge a pet’s health and break down health trends so that the owner can be alerted when something is out of whack. 


Figure 1. Dog wearing FitBark

Now, I like the idea, but if my pet starts to win more Fuel points than do…

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