• Welcome


    Welcome to Fashioning Circuits, a public Humanities project. Fashioning Circuits was launched in September 2011 as part of a series of independent studies in the graduate program in Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication (formerly Emerging Media and Communication, or EMAC) at the University of Texas, Dallas. In Fall 2023, Fashioning Circuits relocated to San José State University.…

  • Placemats


    Placemats is a collaborative weaving project to produce data visualizations. Using the HASTAC blog and social media, we will collect submissions of keywords in advance of the conference that signify points of connection, shared experiences, or commonalities during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. These keywords form the foundation (by labeling the warp strands) of each woven…

  • Words Matter 3.0

    Words Matter 3.0

    We are excited to debut Words Matter 3.0 at the 2023 meeting of HASTAC, the Humanities, Arts, Sciences, Technology Alliance and Collaboratory. The HASTAC 2023 conference is themed “Critical Making and Social Justice.” The installation will include wall text for the grouping of projects, but you can find more details about individual words and projects…

  • Little Free Button Library

    Little Free Button Library

    Button Making is Political! by Fiona Haborak In Spring 2022 at the AIGA Gala within ATEC, Fashioning Circuits hosted a button-making activity. Weaving together the connective threads of buttons as protest memorabilia, Fashioning Circuits chose to honor Earth Day. Aligned with the AIGA Gala’s celestial theme, the Free Button Library resembles a rocket taking flight and the…

  • About The Migrant Steps Project

    About The Migrant Steps Project

    The Migrant Steps Project is conceived as a mobile application, website, and installation that connects daily users of fitness tracking devices to narratives about migration between Central America and the United States. In the course of their daily movements, users of the mobile application will receive haptic feedback that connects their walking, jogging, or other…

  • Encoding Steps: Decoding Stories Workshop Reflection

    Encoding Steps: Decoding Stories Workshop Reflection

    Throughout this year, Dr. Knight, Dr. Llamas-Rodriguez, and the Fashioning Circuits team were working on the Migrant Steps Project, a Digital Humanities project that seeks to intervene in popular narratives about migration and mobilize walking a tool for embodied reflection through repurposing Fitbit technology. My name is Luke Hernandez, and I was a Master’s Student…

  • Undergraduate Research Awards

    Undergraduate Research Awards

    On Tuesday, April 12 Talia Devanadero, a member of Fashioning Circuits and the co-lead of the technical team for The Migrant Steps Project, presented a research poster as part of the Undergraduate Research Scholar Awards Poster Contest Symposium. Talia is a second year undergraduate Computer Science major and has been a Fashioning Circuits member since…

  • Encoding Steps, Decoding Stories: A Migrant Steps Workshop

    Encoding Steps, Decoding Stories: A Migrant Steps Workshop

    April 22, 2022 8:30am – 5:00pm We are inviting members of the UTD and DFW community to think with us about the politics of migration narratives and how we connect to those narratives. In this one-day workshop, we will introduce The Migrant Steps Project and work collaboratively through a series of activities designed to address…

  • Handwashing Karaoke – Now Playing

    Handwashing Karaoke – Now Playing

    In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month,* Audra Heaslip curated a list of songs in Spanish, English, and Nahuatl from a variety of countries and regions, musical genres both traditional and modern, indigenous music, and a diversity of genders, sexual orientations, ethnicities, and nationalities.”

  • Handwashing Karaoke Machine

    Handwashing Karaoke Machine

    Back in late February 2020, news about COVID-19 was steadily increasing. Much of the public health messaging at the time focused on hygiene practices and social distancing. Public figures in medical and media professions proliferated the idea that one could time one’s handwashing by singing Happy Birthday twice to know when 20-seconds had passed. This…