May 092014

I had a fit over a ONESIE that I skimmed over at the Internet of Things and had to check that it was not my biological clock! Confirming with my husband, I have validated that

Mimo Baby Monitor

Figure 1. Mimo Baby Monitor

Mimo features

Figure 2. Mimo Baby Monito app interface

this is just COOL! The Huffington Post, Today, CNBC, and SF Chronicle all agree that Mimo baby sleep monitor is what parents deserve to achieve “Relief from heavy, anxious feeling. Clear and accurate information. Waking refreshed and energized.” Not having any children myself, I had to look at the real problem that this wearable technology solves in research. SIDS and SUID are not just acronyms that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention elaborate on their website. Sudden Unexpected Infant Death and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome represents that accidents happen, families grieve and suffer the ultimate loss of infant life less than a year old.

Mimo seeks to monitor the “rest and well-being of their infant…by using multi-layer deposition of electrical conductors to produce durable sensors built into infant clothing. Parents can get data on activity levels, body position and breathing” available for IOS and Android.

Life saving information at the tips of parent's fingers

Figure 3. Life saving information at the tips of parent’s fingers

The pitch is for the “mommy brain” and including in rapid fire at the end of the front page video “daddy brain, baby-sitter brain, going back to work brain, generally any other type of care taker brain.” However, I think the technology could benefit the other end of the age spectrum too.  “40 million adults age 65 and over will be living alone in the U.S, Canada and Europe.” The Mimo does not require a Life Alert emergency response of falling and unable to get up. With Mimo’s respiration, temperature, movement and body position sensors it seems that the baby market is a frontier to expand into other age categories too. This could be my inner desire to purchase one for my own elderly family member, but not ready for the full Mimo Baby Monitor Starter kit purchase for myself.


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