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  • The Ambiguity of Metamorphosis

    The Metamorphosis line from Younghui Kim is a clothing line that detects alcohol levels in its wearers. A female dress responds to the wearer’s level of alcohol consumption through the use of colorful lights and expanding sleeves, while a male’s blazer responds by an expanding collar that slides out to cover the wearer’s face.

  • Date Rape Nail Polish

    Post by: Nilufer Arsala

  • OrCam Visual System

    By: Ashleigh Havens In September 2013, Israeli start-up company OrCam released the OrCam visual system to help the 300-million visually impaired people in the world “see.” OrCam is a portable device that is similar to Google Glass, composed of a camera and a small computer about the size of the typical glasses case that uses…

  • Hexoskin

    By: Thomas Hall A better-performing you? “It’s as easy as putting on a shirt!”

  • The Dash

    By: Jordan Massey

  • Sustainable Fashion: Kombucha as Couture

  • High Tech Green Fashion

    One of my greatest desire is to combine my love of fashion and eco consciousness to help provide awareness and even solutions to maintain our planet. One of my obstacles, I have experienced and witnessed are the price tags on some of the wonderful “green” products that are in the market, today.

  • The reason behind the Mask

    One of the exciting aims I can think of for this rising of fusion of technology and fashion is the social solutions it can provide to world. Recently one of hip-hop’s fashion Icons, Kanye West became a topic of many conversations due to his wearing of masks during his Yeezus tour.  The masks were designed…

  • Operation Tripwire or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Process Art

    Performance is a major theme in fashion. Whether it’s the performance an office, a gender, or otherwise, the things that we attach to our bodies can contribute to a character we want to project. Performance also goes further. On the runways, the haute couture assemblies of many designers are almost unwearable. They push the boundaries…

  • Right Lights – A new shoe-wearing experience for kids!

    If you have been around children for any length of time, then you know that the journey towards learning which shoe goes on which foot can be quite a grueling one. For some reason, it seems that some kids insist on ignoring your directions and patient explanations in order to put their shoes on their…