Mar 112014

Figure 1. Kanye West

One of the exciting aims I can think of for this rising of fusion of technology and fashion is the social solutions it can provide to world. Recently one of hip-hop’s fashion Icons, Kanye West became a topic of many conversations due to his wearing of masks during his Yeezus tour.  The masks were designed by Maison Martin Margiela. The masks made their way to the couture runway in the fall of 2013. I was attracted to the idea of wearing a mask as a form of expression through apparel after the current topic. Throughout history, I believe the “Bourgeoisie” has played with this idea of concealed identity especially within in a taboo setting, so therefore I can understand how this form of expression can make it to the world of couture. The wearing of masks can be interpreted in so many ways, but what if the reason for wearing masks became more of a necessity rather than an expression? Continue reading »

Mar 212012

Having to watch a cell phone battery die because there is no charger or charging station nearby is an incredibly frustrating and upsetting experience. Whether you were in the middle of a call, a text, a tweet, or listening to turn by turn directions in an area you’ve never been before (True story!), being disconnected from your mobile device can make you feel powerless. Richard Nicoll, a British fashion designer, may have developed a revolutionary device to ward off that vulnerability: Richard Nicoll’s Cell Phone Charging Handbag. Continue reading »