Mar 212012

Having to watch a cell phone battery die because there is no charger or charging station nearby is an incredibly frustrating and upsetting experience. Whether you were in the middle of a call, a text, a tweet, or listening to turn by turn directions in an area you’ve never been before (True story!), being disconnected from your mobile device can make you feel powerless. Richard Nicoll, a British fashion designer, may have developed a revolutionary device to ward off that vulnerability: Richard Nicoll’s Cell Phone Charging Handbag.

Figure 1. The Cell Phone Charging Handbag; Ad Courtesy of The FashioniStyle

Debuting at last month’s London Fashion Week, the chic handbag has the capacity to charge iPhones, Androids, Blackberries, and even iPads. Once fully charged, the battery-operated handbag can offer extended use by simply plugging the device into an interior pocket. An accessory that hangs from the bag is a Bluetooth-enabled LED that emits light when there is an incoming call.

Richard Nicoll partnered with the phone company Vodafone to create this innovative product and incorporated it into his latest runway collection. Nicoll’s was inspired to “create a collaborative product that fused fashion and technology” seamlessly into a busy lifestyle.

The handbag could not have been unveiled to a more eager audience. Journalists, editors, and bloggers in attendance were no doubt in awe of a handbag that merged fashion, technology, and practicality into one stylish package. When the handbag goes on sale this Spring, it will most likely be a fast-selling, popular product.

The idea that a cell phone charging handbag could be produced for the masses at a more affordable price is a thrilling prospect. In a society that relies on digital communication and instant access to information, the last thing we want to worry about is draining the battery life of our mobile devices. A handbag is a convenient item of fashion that most women have with them daily. To incorporate a useful gadget discreetly into an accessory that fits effortlessly into one’s wardrobe is a wonderful achievement in technology and design.

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