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  • Handwashing Karaoke Machine

    Handwashing Karaoke Machine

    Back in late February 2020, news about COVID-19 was steadily increasing. Much of the public health messaging at the time focused on hygiene practices and social distancing. Public figures in medical and media professions proliferated the idea that one could time one’s handwashing by singing Happy Birthday twice to know when 20-seconds had passed. This…

  • Musical Quilts

    Musical Quilts

    By Elizabeth Fuchs, Spring 2019 When I first began conceptualizing this project, I struggled with the question of is this idea in fact critical making? Matt Ratto positions critical making at the intersection of critical thought and physical making with more emphasis towards the process rather than the final object (Ratto pars. 9-11) and yet…

  • “You gotta hear this one song, it’ll change your life I swear.”

    The original idea behind the Theme Music Hoodie was to be able to have a quick way to a.) share your favorite music with others and b.) carry your own soundtrack with you wherever you go. The hoodie has an LilyPad MP3 and two speakers sewn into a piece on lining on the inside of…

  • Gesture Sensing Gloves: The Future of Music

    By Amanda Swan Musicians are often in the news for pushing the boundaries when it comes to making their music, like Beyoncé’s unadvertised surprise album last year or U2’s direct-to-iPhone release of their latest release. Music production has the potential to change dramatically in the near-ish future through the use of gesture sensing gloves.

  • The Dash

    By: Jordan Massey