Feb 232014

Small camera being held in a hand

Figure 1. Small camera being held in a hand

I recently argued that wearing Wearable Media is not a human right not only is it not a human right, but it’s something I think should have some sort of legislation attached to it.  I’m not changing my tune, but I was intrigued by Simson Garfunkel’s review Glass Darkly on February 17th in the MIT Technology review. His argument is that Google Glass may have a camera, but so does your smartphone, iPad, and tablet.  His overall feeling is what’s the big deal?  Without getting into his review to deeply I do have to agree with him that even though I don’t like the idea of being recorded with Google Glass I have no idea when someone pretends to text on their phone, but if they’re recording me instead. Sigh, I’m just not sure what to do.