Oct 222011

Figure 1. Screenshot of SparkFun Home Page

There are so many interesting things on this website that I admit I start browsing and quickly feel overwhelmed. For the purposes of Fashioning Circuits, I find the “E-textiles” section very interesting.

I have never ordered from them, so I can’t speak to customer service. I’ll update this when I have a chance.


Update: Lots of us at Fashioning Circuits have been getting our supplies from SparkFun with really positive results. They ship quickly and the stuff arrives in good shape.

  2 Responses to “Supply Source: SparkFun Electronics”

  1. This is awesome, I think I’m gonna need it haha

  2. I ordered the LilyPad Arduino from SparkFun and it got here in less than a week – its so much smaller than I anticipated. Here’s a video that compiles a couple of cool LilyPad projects: Craftzine Blog

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