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  • Cardiac Rehab Patient Monitoring Jacket

    Video 1: “Cardiac Rehab Patient Monitoring Jacke” Final Project Video

  • Imprint Energy’s Flexible Battery

    By: Ariana Berdy

  • Final Wearable Project: “Instant Status” Headband

    When saying, “I’m not interested,” is no longer a clear enough signal to leave someone alone. 

  • The reason behind the Mask

    One of the exciting aims I can think of for this rising of fusion of technology and fashion is the social solutions it can provide to world. Recently one of hip-hop’s fashion Icons, Kanye West became a topic of many conversations due to his wearing of masks during his Yeezus tour.  The masks were designed…

  • Wrist light notification

    If you are in class, teaching a class, or in a business meeting, everyone has had the awkward experience off their phone going off at the wrong times.  My project doesn’t make people think about what’s changing or trending.  It adds the affordance of having another option to receiving a text or phone call other…

  • Right Lights – A new shoe-wearing experience for kids!

    If you have been around children for any length of time, then you know that the journey towards learning which shoe goes on which foot can be quite a grueling one. For some reason, it seems that some kids insist on ignoring your directions and patient explanations in order to put their shoes on their…

  • Exmobaby – We Know How Your Baby Feels

    If there is one thing that all new parents have in common, it is the desire to understand exactly what their little bundle of joy is thinking and feeling. There are dozens of products in circulation that try to bridge the gap between the mind of the infant and their parents which include audio/video baby…

  • Exciting Developments in Techno Fashion

    Technology and fashion are evoloving and intersecting in multiple fascinating and unexpected ways. From clothing that moves to garments that offer healing properties for the skin, techno fashion applications are literally turning the contemporary fashion aesthetic on it’s well dressed head.  Below I have compiled a few examples of recent developments in the techno fashion…

  • Supply Source: SparkFun Electronics

    There are so many interesting things on this website that I admit I start browsing and quickly feel overwhelmed. For the purposes of Fashioning Circuits, I find the “E-textiles” section very interesting.

  • Cool Neon

    Welcome to Cool Neon Wire Lots and lots of neon wire and LED options for adding some glow to your projects. Their service is fast and friendly, but my absolute favorite thing is that before they ship, they check your order to make sure that your pieces are compatible and you have everything you need…