Category: Workshops

  • Community Workshop: Design Your World 2013

    Early on a Saturday morning, 11 Fashioning Circuits volunteers, ranging from 11 to 50-something years old, trekked down to Southern Methodist University for the Fall installment of the Design Your World conference, for 4th and 5th grade girls. Our volunteers included current and former students, parents, daughters, and friends from neighboring universities.

  • Summer Camp Project: Twinkling Wrist Cuff

    In a few weeks, the Fashioning Circuits crew is going to lead a workshop on Open Source Fashion at the Girl Scouts College Journey — Teaming for Tomorrow summer camp at UT Dallas. In addition to introducing students to open source and the Lilypad arduino, we will be leading 25 high school students in a…

  • “Cry Me a River” – The Process of an Emotive Hat

    Because I’m interested in the nature of online commentary, I came up with a project idea that might seem a bit absurd. After constructing this hat at the beginning of the semester and noticing that it was less-than aesthetically pleasing due to bad stitching and a loud, obnoxious print, I wondered how I could use…

  • Final Project Thoughts

  • Design Your World Conference

    Several of the women associated with the Fashioning Circuits blog recently took their skills to the Design Your World Conference to teach young girls aged 10-12 how science can be fun. Specifically, with the coordination and leadership of Amy Pickup, we conducted a workshop about the LilyPad Arduino.

  • Wearable Media Object Using LilyPad Arduino

    For my wearable media object, I chose to create an LEDs-only circuit using the LilyPad Arduino Board. After attending Ettiquette Creative’s LilyPad Arduino Workshop, I had the resources and references to begin my project. I installed the Arduino software, checked the drivers, and referred to a tutorial provided on the SparkFun Electronics site to design…

  • Fashioning Tech Workshop

    After an exciting trip to the Golden Do’r in Dallas, our editors met up with a collection of materials in hand and had the first Fashioning Technology Workshop. The day was spent sewing and soldering but more to come as the projects develop – including: Purses that light up upon receiving a cell phone call…

  • Supply Source: SparkFun Electronics

    There are so many interesting things on this website that I admit I start browsing and quickly feel overwhelmed. For the purposes of Fashioning Circuits, I find the “E-textiles” section very interesting.

  • Cool Neon

    Welcome to Cool Neon Wire Lots and lots of neon wire and LED options for adding some glow to your projects. Their service is fast and friendly, but my absolute favorite thing is that before they ship, they check your order to make sure that your pieces are compatible and you have everything you need…